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Memory Foam Mouse Pad & Keyboard Wrist Support
  • Responds to your body’s weight and warmth, yet never loses its shape.

  • Soft memory foam conforms to your wrist for exceptional comfort.

  • Non-skid backing holds pad firmly in place.

  • Optical friendly mousepad features superior tracking surface

Crystals™ Gel Keyboard Wrist Support & Mousepad
  • Supports wrist, relieves pressure, and provides comfort.

  • Stain-resistant polyurethane covering wipes clean with damp cloth.

  • Non-skid rubber backing keeps pad in place.

  • Stylish, transparent gel adds colour to your workspace.

Health-V™ Crystal Gliding Palm Support
  • Patented Health-V™ channel relieves pressure on the wrist’s median nerve to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Palm support glides with the mouse to encourage healthy, natural movement.

  • Soothing Gel provides comfort and support.

  • Optical friendly pad improves mouse performance without taking up space.

  • Accredited by Fira International, an Independant Ergonomic Accreditor.

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Fellowes Ergo Wellbeing Catalogue
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