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Terms & Conditions

Entered into between the entity ITO Furniture, more specifically described as In the Office Furniture, hereinafter universally referred to as “ITO” and the Purchaser hereafter referred to as the “Purchaser” or "Customer".

1. ITO’s standard payment terms are 85% deposit and balance payable before delivery. Alternate payment deposits can be arranged on larger values.

2. Notwithstanding any alternate payment arrangements, ITO reserves the right to insist upon prepayment of the goods ordered.

3. Ownership of all goods shall remain vested in ITO until the full purchase price has been paid.

4. No warranties, representations or guarantees have been made by ITO save for what is stipulated in the quotation.

5. Where plans, samples or specifications of the finished product are approved, the Customer will have no claim against ITO for errors thereafter.

6. Notwithstanding ITO’s best efforts to deliver timeously, the Customer accepts that possible delays may occur and that any failure to deliver the goods - services on any specified date shall not entitle the Customer to cancel the order or any part thereof or to invoke a claim for any damages .

7. ITO in its sole discretion shall determine whether to accept any cancellations , reductions of quantities or returns and reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of no less than 25% of the Contract Price and to recover any damages it may suffer.

8. There will be no refund applicable on a deposit paid in the event of cancellation for already made, in the process of manufacture or confirmed 3rd party orders of Special Order Goods, which shall be any product not readily available from ITO's stock.

9. Payment is to be made as stipulated on the quotation / pro-forma invoice as issued. The Customer shall not be entitled to set off from payments due by it to ITO for any reason whatsoever unless agreed in writing by ITO. Any part delivery made to the Customer will be invoiced proportionately and the invoiced amount will be due for payment.

10. No amendments of these conditions are valid unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.


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