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Impacts of Finding Proper Office Furniture

A desk is not just a workspace. A chair is not just a place to sit. Furniture shapes our environment and the spaces where we interact with others.

Too often, businesses treat office furniture as an afterthought. However, office furniture is the backbone of any business and if utilized correctly, can help lower costs, boost creativity and increase productivity.

In The Office (ITO) is committed to using office furnishings to make your business thrive and feel like home for your employees.

Why Is the Right Office Furniture Crucial?

The most important benefit of choosing the right office furniture is that it will help create a healthy work environment.

Health and Safety

The modern office can pose health risks to workers.

According to Franciscan Health, sitting for long periods can cause short-term health issues like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal disc hernias and other ailments. Long-term effects of sitting incorrectly include obesity, high blood pressure and slowed metabolism.

When employees experience medical issues due to poor posture, inefficient office layout, or extended sitting, productivity and profits decrease. Employees also need to take more sick leave, and health insurance costs will skyrocket.

A Positive Work Environment

Physical discomfort and a displeasing work environment can also cause increased stress in the workplace. Unhappy workers can lead to higher turnover and decreased profits.

Where We Come In

ITO Furniture is committed to designing the perfect workspace to meet your business needs. Whether you work from home or in a large office, we’re here to assist you in making your business thrive.

Our Solutions

We use ergonomics or the process of designing a workspace with workers’ health and safety in mind, to make employees relaxed and happy in the office.

According to ErgoPlus, ergonomics can benefit a workplace by reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving the quality of work and engagement, and creating a better safety culture.

Happy Employees

The right furniture and office layout make employees relaxed, content and productive. Workers will feel right at home with ITO’s office furniture.

Overall, having the right furnishings drive innovation, creativity and productivity. Happy employees can make your business thrive! With ITO’s ergonomic approach to furniture, we assist you in making your business a success.

Quality, Affordable Furniture

ITO offers the highest quality office furniture in Johannesburg at unbeatable prices! Visit our showroom today to see what office furniture products we have in stock.

In addition, we have a wide range of new and quality used office furniture. We also pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and are happy to provide a quote. No matter your budget, we can help meet your office needs!

Great Prices and Convenience

ITO has some of the lowest furniture prices in Johannesburg! What’s more, we provide convenience at a fraction of our competitors’ prices and we have a variety of special offers.

We know how much time people put into running a business and your time is valuable. That’s why we offer delivery!

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Let our excellent customer service team do the work for you! Contact us today to let us assist you in finding quality office furniture!

Our Products

We offer office desks, chairs, storage, accessories and everything else your office needs.

Office Desks

We offer a wide selection of office desks for all your needs. Whether you need a work-from-home desk, an L-shaped desk or have dual desking needs, we have it all!

Our desks are designed with ergonomics in mind to reduce strain and fatigue and to help employees stay healthy and happy.


According to the Mayo Clinic, a good office chair should support your spinal curves and have adjustable height and armrests. Employees' feet should also rest on the ground or a footrest.

We understand the importance of a quality chair. ITO offers ergonomic chairs that have all these features at affordable prices.

Chairs should provide sufficient support and comfort to create a relaxing and welcoming work environment. A chair should also decrease strain and the risk of health issues. ITO’s ergonomic chairs offer all of this and more!

Not only are our chairs ergonomic but we have a wide selection to fit all your needs. We have high-end chairs, operator chairs, chairs for public seating, Eames chairs, and heavy-duty chairs.

Call us today for our suggestions and or quote!


Our boardroom furniture offers a variety of quality and affordable desks and chairs with ergonomic support. Their layout is also essential for conducting business and streamlining in-person communication.

Conversations and collaboration happen in boardrooms. You want to make sure your boardroom furniture can inspire and make employees bring out their creativity. Take a look at our range today and ask for a quote!


Reception is where clients come face to face with your business for the first time. It’s also often the first place where clients speak with a member of your team. You want to make sure it’s an inviting and professional space not only for clients but for your receptionist as well.

Any receptionist in a strained and uncomfortable sitting position will not give a good first impression to potential clients. That’s why ITO Furniture is here to meet all your reception furniture needs! Ask for a quote today!

ITO Furniture Means Business

ITO Furniture understands how crucial it is to have a positive, stress-free work environment. Office furniture can make the difference between a stressful and unhealthy space and a space where employees can thrive in their work.

In The Office (ITO) Furniture is committed to using office furnishings to make your business thrive and feel like home for your employees.

No matter what services you specialize in, your employees deserve a space where they can work at their best.

e can help your business succeed! We can work with any budget and we have a wide range of special offers! Give us a call today. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services.

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