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3 Stage - single motor with control box (CE RoHS)

Load capacity: 80kg

Max speed: 25mm/sec

Noise level: less than 50 db

Top Frame: 40mm x 20mm x 2mm

Steel leg thickness:Inner pipe: 2mm, Middle pipe: 1.5mm, Outer pipe: 1.5mm

Foot piece thickness: 3mm steel plates, and 2.5mm steel plates

Min height: 610mm

Max height: 1260mm

Length: 1100mm - 1500mm

Anti-collision and Anti-tilt

Touch screen keypad - 3 memory

3 point standard SA plug

Available in black, grey, and white

Snake cable trays available

Table Tops Available in:

1200mm x 750mm x 32mm

1400mm x 750mm x 32mm

1600mm x 750mm x 32mm

Variety of Table Top finishes available.

FROM R 9500.00

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